Developing a serious illness or disability is a confusing time for anyone. In addition to a loss of liberty, you might feel helpless and alone when facing not only personal struggles but also when attempting to receive due compensation from your insurance company. Before the going gets tough however, make the decision to contact a disability lawyer in Vaughan to review your case and begin taking care of the legal aspect while you work on the newly-developed situations at home.

How Can a Disability Lawyer in Vaughan Help Me?

Becoming disabled can be a confusing experience which is only compounded by attempting to process the legal jargon insurance companies invoke when a claim is filed. If the disability is of a minor nature, also classified as a “short-term disability”, often times one can use paid personal time from work to cover expenses during the healing process. However, for more severe injuries that may require years to repair, including those from which you will never recovery (also known as a “long-term disability”), it will be necessary to file an action with your insurance provider. While having insurance is an important part of life, there are few of us who are unaware of how difficult it can be to have a provider pay out the due amount when it comes time to actually determine benefits. As it is in the insurance company’s best interest to pay out as little as possible in each claim, having a qualified disability lawyer on your side will help level the playing field.

Are All Disability Lawyers the Same?

Just like cell phone providers, dry cleaners, and restaurants, regardless of being in the same industry, some are far superior to others. While many law firms can and do take on disability injury cases, this does not always mean they have the experience or expertise to win the largest benefit or to astutely navigate the tricky process of insurance. It is not necessarily important to choose the largest or most expensive firm, but it is highly recommended to review their online reputation and success rates before taking the time to meet for consultation. Disability lawyers who have the experience you desire understand that these situations place undue hardship on an unprepared family’s finances, and ergo should never charge a consultation fee for meeting and discussing the particulars of your case. Any legal representative who would take advantage of a potential client in such a situation is certainly not the type of person you wish to have representing you. Ask questions when you arrive such as past successes, average wait times from case processing, and do they have experience with the particular insurance company you may need to file an action with or against?  Most insurance companies will require you to exhaust any and all other benefits such as government and worker’s compensation before they will consider a payout. Should they deny the claim, it is important to have a disability lawyer on your side that will fight with you every step of the way to have that decision overturned and to award you the compensation you deserve.

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