Texas park photo

Texas National Park Photography Rules, Permits, and Guidelines

Texas’ wide size provides photographers with a multitude of sights to explore and capture. The national parks in Texas range from barren deserts to lush woods and are nothing short of spectacular. However, before embarking on a photographic adventure in these pristine surroundings, it’s critical to understand the restrictions, permissions, and norms that apply. With […]


What Ontario Accident Benefits can I claim?

Several financial and medical benefits will be available to you if you are injured in a car accident under your standard policy. Even if you were at fault for the accident, these benefits are still available to you and will assist you in paying for any immediate medical expenses that arise as a result of […]

Accessible trick-or-treating is welcome at Vaughan

The Vaughan city is behind the Treat Accessibly campaign, which aims to make Halloween more inclusive.

The City of Vaughan is committed to creating an inclusive community that welcomes people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds, including on Halloween. Vaughan Council recently endorsed the Treat Accessibly program, making it Canada’s first municipality to do so.

Vaughan Disability Benefits

If you reside in Vaughan, Ontario, living with a disability may become a lot easier. For a wide range of conditions, the Canadian and provincial governments offer disability rebates. In fact, you may be eligible for disability benefits if you have an impairment of any type – physical, mental, or emotional – or if you […]

Learn how to apply for a new accessible parking permit

Eligibility Your healthcare practitioner must certify that you have one or more of the following qualified health conditions in order to obtain a new accessible parking permit or renew your subject to change permit: cannot walk without the use of a brace, cane, crutch, lower limb prosthetic device, or other similar assistive device, or requires […]

Types of disabilities in Canada

The Canadian Government’s Definitions of Disabilities Any severe and long-term condition that prevents a person from doing normal and ordinary daily tasks qualifies as a qualifying disability. The term is broad, allowing for a virtually infinite number of circumstances to be qualified. The circumstances stated below have historically been precedent, but the list is not […]

The financial future of Canadians with disabilities is uncertain

The gap between rich and poor in Canada is widening. It’s especially shocking for persons with impairments, who have little to no money set up for emergencies. Individuals and families with disabilities are currently facing financial instability as provinces seek to reduce disability assistance. Alberta’s ruling United Conservative Party proposes to de-index payments paid to […]

Disabilitu in Canada Facts and Figures

Facts and Figures on Disability in Canada

15% of the world’s population considers themselves to be disabled. According to the World Health Organization, 15% of the world’s population (about 1.1 billion individuals) identify as disabled in some way. This is the world’s largest minority group, and the only minority group in which any of us can join at any time. More than […]